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Rodney S. Henke
Vice President, Media


The Church Channel (TCC) features worship services from America's leading churches and represents a wide variety of denominations, as well as many independent and non-denominational churches. TCC has launched onto DirectTV with 14.4 million households and over 120 million homes in Europe, Western Russia, the Middle East, and North Africa. TCC is also seen in Australia and New Zealand. Just recently, TCC launched on nearly 150 cable systems in The Philippines and many more nations are just on the horizon with the powerful news of Jesus Christ.

The Church Channel is also available as a digital channel to cable and DBS providers nationwide. It is estimated that digital cable and satellite will reach more that 20 million households within the next two years. As you know, the cable industry's direction is moving at a fast pace toward digital television. We see the same technology coming to broadcast television in the near future and we truly believe that the growth opportunities for The Church Channel will be tremendous.

Please forward a copy of your program on BETA SP, along with the following documents, so that we may consider your ministry and program: (Please note that your submitted tape and documents will not be returned). Please ship your demo program to Media Services, The Church Channel at 14171 Chambers Rd., Tustin, Ca. 92780.
  1. A copy of your ministry's original IRS letter of determination of it's nonprofit, tax-exempt, public charity status and any modifications to the letter of determination.
  2. A Copy of your ministry's latest annual return, IRS Form 990. For church ministries, a statement from your attorney or Certified Public Accountant that the church was operated as a church and not operated for private gain or benefit. Also, that it filed all state and federal reports required by applicable law.
  3. An affidavit from your ministry's or church ministry's attorney or Certified Public Accountant verifying that your fund-raising activities for the year were conducted and managed according to federal and state laws, as well as the rules and regulations of the IRS. This affidavit must also state what percentage of each dollar raised for a designated project was expended for that project versus administrative costs.

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